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List of Figures

Figure 1.1

Scattering from a sphere illuminated by a plane wave incident from the -z direction.

Figure 1.2

The absolute scattered electric field phasor amplitude on the xz plane at 509.1 nm.

Figure 6.1

The location of the coordinate origin in the FDTD grid for (origin_x_in_cells,origin_y_in_cells,origin_z_in_cells)=(2,3,2).

Figure 6.2

A 2D slice of an example zero-mean sample distribution. This distribution can be assigned to different constitutive parameters of a material.

Figure 6.3

The illustration of the column-major ordering of a three-dimensional array. The values indicated by numbers should be laid out in the file in the same order.

Figure 6.4

The angles and unit vectors for spherical coordinates.

Figure 6.5

A simplified depiction of the optical imaging geometry.

Figure 6.6

Collection of the scattered light in the upper half space (left figure), or the lower half space (right figure) for the calculation of the optical image.

Figure 6.7

Graphical description of the incidence and polarization angles associated with a plane wave.

Figure 6.8

Geometry of the focused laser beam.

Figure 6.9

The layout of the field positions on the recorded cross section in the movie file.

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