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Absorbing layers6.2.4 Perfectly-Matched Layer (PML)
Arrays5.2.6 Arrays

Boolean values5.2.3 Boolean Values

Check mode4.2 Check Mode
Comments, inserting5.2.8 Comments
Compiling Angora3. Compilation and Installation
Configuration file, checking for errors4.2 Check Mode
Configuration file, template6.1 Template Configuration File
Configuration format5. Configuration Format
Configuration variables6. Configuration Variables
Configuration variables, assigning5.1 Variable Assignment
Configuration variables, value types5.2 Variable Types
Configuration, auto-saving6.15.1 Auto-Saving the Configuration
Configuring Angora simulations6. Configuration Variables
config_all.cfg6.1 Template Configuration File
Courant factor6.2.1 Courant Factor
CPML6.2.4 Perfectly-Matched Layer (PML)

Dimensions, grid6.2.3 Grid Dimensions
Directories, input6.12 Paths
Directories, output6.12 Paths
Directories, specifying6.12 Paths
Documentation, building3.2 Building the Documentation
Downloading Angora2. Downloading
Dynamic range6.2.7 Dynamic Range

Executing Angora4. Execution

Floating-point values5.2.2 Floating-Point Values
Focused beams6.10.2 Focused Laser Beams
Focused Hermite-Gaussian beams6.10.2 Focused Laser Beams
Focused laser beams6.10.2 Focused Laser Beams
Focused laser modes6.10.2 Focused Laser Beams

Gaussian waveforms (differentiated), defining6.6.2 Differentiated-Gaussian Waveforms
Gaussian waveforms (modulated), defining6.6.3 Modulated-Gaussian Waveforms
Gaussian waveforms, defining6.6.1 Gaussian Waveforms
Grid size6.2.3 Grid Dimensions
Grid spacing6.2.2 Spatial Step Size
Grid termination6.2.4 Perfectly-Matched Layer (PML)
Ground planes, placing6.5.5 Ground Planes
Groups5.2.5 Groups

Hertzian sources, placing6.7 Point Sources

Imaging6.9 Optical Imaging
Imaging, HDF5 file content6.9.1 Optical Image File HDF5 Content
Incident beams6.10 Incident Beams
Including other configuration files5.2.9 Include Directives
Infinitesimal sources, placing6.7 Point Sources
Installing Angora3. Compilation and Installation
Integer values5.2.1 Integer Values

libconfig5. Configuration Format
Lists5.2.7 Lists
Log, keeping6.13 Logging
Logging6.13 Logging

Material files, reading from6.5.4 File Input
Materials, defining6.4 Materials
Maximum field value6.2.7 Dynamic Range
MPI support4.1 Parallel Execution
MPI support, enabling3.1 Enabling MPI Support
Multiple runs6.14 Multiple Simulation Runs
Multiple simulations6.14 Multiple Simulation Runs

Near-field-to-far-field transformer (NFFFT)6.8 Near-Field-to-Far-Field Transformer
Near-field-to-far-field transformer (NFFFT), phasor domain6.8.2 Phasor-Domain Near-Field-to-Far-Field-Transformer
Near-field-to-far-field transformer (NFFFT), phasor domain, HDF5 file content6.8.2.1 HDF5 Content of Phasor-Domain NFFFT Output
Near-field-to-far-field transformer (NFFFT), time domain6.8.1 Time-Domain Near-Field-to-Far-Field-Transformer
Near-field-to-far-field transformer (NFFFT), time domain, HDF5 file content6.8.1.1 HDF5 Content of Time-Domain NFFFT Output

Objects, placing6.5.1 Objects
Optical imaging6.9 Optical Imaging
Optical imaging, HDF5 file content6.9.1 Optical Image File HDF5 Content
Origin, global6.2.6 Coordinate Origin
Origin, grid6.2.6 Coordinate Origin

Parallelization4.1 Parallel Execution
Parallelization, enabling3.1 Enabling MPI Support
Paths, input6.12 Paths
Paths, output6.12 Paths
Paths, specifying6.12 Paths
PEC planes, placing6.5.5 Ground Planes
Perfectly-matched layers6.2.4 Perfectly-Matched Layer (PML)
Planar layers, placing6.5.2 Planar Layers
Plane waves6.10.1 Plane Waves
PML6.2.4 Perfectly-Matched Layer (PML)
Point sources, placing6.7 Point Sources

Random materials, placing6.5.3 Random Materials
Recording6.11 Recording
Recording, cross-section6.11.1 Movie Recording
Recording, cross-section, file format6.11.1.1 Movie File Format
Recording, field-value6.11.3 Field-Value Recording
Recording, field-value, HDF5 file format6.11.3.1 Field-Value File HDF5 Content
Recording, line6.11.2 Line Recording
Recording, line, file format6.11.2.1 Line File Format
Recording, movie6.11.1 Movie Recording
Recording, movie, file format6.11.1.1 Movie File Format
Rectangular boxes, defining6.3.1 Rectangular Boxes
Running Angora4. Execution

Shapes, defining6.3 Shapes
Simulations, configuring6. Configuration Variables
Simulations, parallelizing4.1 Parallel Execution
Spheres, defining6.3.2 Spheres
Stability6.2.1 Courant Factor
Step size, spatial6.2.2 Spatial Step Size
Step size, temporal6.2.1 Courant Factor
Stratification, defining6.5.2 Planar Layers
String values5.2.4 String Values

Time steps, number of6.2.5 Number of Time Steps
Total-field/scattered-field (TF/SF) boundary6.10 Incident Beams
Total-field/scattered-field (TF/SF) boundary, focused laser beams6.10.2 Focused Laser Beams
Total-field/scattered-field (TF/SF) boundary, plane waves6.10.1 Plane Waves

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